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Milken Award Winner - Connie Green

6th Grade Survival Tips

We surveyed last year's 6th graders for their advice to make the transition to middle school easier.  Their best tips follow.


  Take a copy of the school map and mark your classes.   
Jeffrey B.


Make sure you remember your locker combination and where it is at.
Jasmine B.


When you get your schedule staple it in your planner.
Alicia P.

Do not run on the ramps.
Jovon H.

Always bring your pencil and paper.
Chad L.

Don't be shy!  Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Michael D.

Keep your locker and school clean for a positive environment.
Shakenna B.

Never talk while your teacher is talking.
Treasure M.

Do not start conflicts with other students.
Kim J.



Don't stop to talk to friends in between classes, it will make you late.
Jerrica W.

Write down your lunch number and keep it with you or you won't get to eat.
Shlisa B.

Don't carry your backpack in between classes.
Rashinee H.

Don't get an attitude with your teachers.
Clarence H.

Do sports and you get medals and stuff.  You don't have to try out until you get in 7th and 8th grades.
Crystal E.

If you want to play sports, keep your grades up and stay out of trouble in class.
Nathan L.

Don't play in class.
Drew P.

Always do your work at all times, it will make your teachers and your parents proud of you.
Trance P.